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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

OMG, my blog finally went over 10000 page views....

and I freaking MISSED it! Damn you, computer crash!!!


Anyways, I've been away for a while now because I had some computer trouble. The hard drive on my laptop sadly passed away, dragging my working projects down to the grave with it (right in the middle of freaking NaNoWriMO of all times).

It has (just recently) been replaced, but now I'm left with a pile of corrupted files, in obscure versions because I'm an absolute slob, to sort out. I have a tryout version of word repair, so I should be able to fix some, but it'll take a lot of time (I have to copy the recovered text word for word).

Apart from that, I'm also taking up a bunch of projects in my mother tongue, so my activity here will be low, practically nil, for the time being.

But hey, at leat the Halloween page will finally go down. That'll be enough for a day's work... Sorry.

I'll try to post something new really soon. There are some "new" poems on Hubs (http://storiesinc.hubpages.com), just look for'the 'Dead Wood' cycle.

And last but not least:

May 2012 bring only bliss and joy for you and all your family and all be right with the world.
As if. But here's to hoping ;)

Cheers ;)
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