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Welcome to my blog, brought into existence because I believe in the power of stories. I hope you'll find a few things you like here. Let me know what you think and leave me any verdict, suggestion, challenge or request you want.

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Hey guys, looks like it is about time to work out an award page, jeej!! *does a crazy and utterly embarrassing cheer dance and hopes nobody videotaped it so it could circulate on Youtube for all eternity*

A big thank you to...

- Taylor, from Penned By Taylor for giving me this fabulous award:

Go check out her blog, she's got some awesome stuff there waiting for you.

- Kimberly Marie, from This Is Me... or something like that for awarding me this fantastic and beautiful little gem:

Please go visit her blog, she writes good reads and she's a nice person.

- Kirutaye, for giving me one of her KT Online Awards 2010, namely 'One To Watch', which I'm very happy with, for my HubPages account. Kurutaye is an aspiring author from London.

- Thanks to... oh, crap, never mind, I had to pass this one on to myself (It's not as narcissistic as it sounds, people actually voted on it, you know).
So thank you to everyone who voted for my entry to the fourth edition of the in-thread competition, it is very much appreciated.
The challenge was to write a short story of exactly 150 words containing 5 target words.

Crowning myself emp... I mean, winner, kind of makes me feel like Napoleon. Only taller.
To read my winning 150 words story, click here...

Thank you so much for these awards, I can't begin to express my gratitute for them in words. This blog means more to me than I could ever explain. It may sound corny and cheap, but it's true. * smiley face *

All best wishes,

Stories Inc.
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