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Welcome to my blog, brought into existence because I believe in the power of stories. I hope you'll find a few things you like here. Let me know what you think and leave me any verdict, suggestion, challenge or request you want.

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About Stories Inc.

Hey, welcome to my blog.
I’m an aspiring writer, practically from birth on. Before I could actually write, I made songs and stories that I’d tell my classmates, but I got frustrated at forgetting them so easily. Once I got working with a pen down, I started writing things down. My entire life my head’s been completely filled with and tuned to stories and tales, so much so, that they actually became my life. Stories are who I am. Throughout my years, I’ve written a lot, all sorts of stuff really, novels, poems, stories, articles, speeches,... In at least two languages, namely English and Dutch, occasionally some French and German too. Unfortunately, there aren’t any opportunities that I know of for writers using an unofficial language in my country, which is why I can’t really turn anywhere with my English stuff. Until I found out about the internet as a forum.
Though I’ve had quite some success with Dutch poetry and won several awards, most of them first prizes, I had less success with fiction. I have trouble letting people read my fiction and my demands are very high, which results in me never really putting my stories out there and getting feedback on them. Hence, I cannot improve, even though I’m desperate to push beyond my current level of skill. So then one day, I rounded up all my courage and started a blog on which I’d post short stories I’d written for a community, I hoped to soon have as a devoted audience who would give me pointers and hopefully break everything I made for them down to the ground. That is the only way I can resurrect my work properly. There’s no fun in writing for an irresponsive desktop and I’m really craving for an audience, for readers, to have my stories read and all my hard work rewarded.
It is my goal to have a novel published by my next birthday (September 11th), which pretty much coincides with the end of my first blogging year and the clock has already started ticking. By setting a deadline for myself, I have to force myself to keep getting better. And I’ve only started blogging, but I can already see myself evolving. I need to write smoother, about anything, and be able to act on any whim, any flash to make it into a tale and bring it to an end. That’s the only way I’ll ever get where I want to be, I’m sure of it. The stories I post here are mostly exercises, but they are still very dear to me. I have to say writing them swallows up energy like you wouldn’t believe and every night I go to bed completely exhausted yet yearning for more. It’s a kick too, sharing it with all of you. I think I’m hooked. It is a very rewarding thing to do.
Another plus for using the internet is that I want to write and reach out while still keeping my everyday identity to myself. I’m not a crook or a paedophile or secretly a celebrity or anything exciting like that, but a rather plain person. However, I have my reasons to keep my name, age and gender to myself and write/be read/interpreted independent of it. I think a lot of you can understand where I’m coming from. Maybe some time I’ll take the effort to list most of those reasons and post them, maybe not. Bear in mind Foucault’s ‘death of the author’, which would be a nice alternative to the modern approach to writers. I know it’s good to see what makes writers tick, how they are as individuals and what is so human about them, but enough’s enough. I just cannot sit through interviews where people are asked to discuss their books and all the interviewer wants to talk about is what kind of socks they wear or something! Especially the dealing with Stephenie Meyer is, in my experience, of this sort. I do not want to be put in a spotlight like that myself. Let my books speak for themselves and be interpreted as detached from me and my life and beliefs as possible. I don’t even care if some neo-nazist interprets them as a justification of WOII, which it isn’t and which I’m most definitely opposed to as a person. The point is that I want people to use their own reason and their own personality to put into my stories. There are no good or definite interpretations. Please forgive me for the somewhat crude example above. I really hope I haven’t offended anybody by it.
Bottom line is that by starting this blog, I want to accomplish my final goal, which is just simply being free, as a writer and as a person, something I have not the power to do now. I want to write whatever I want, however I want, whenever I want and I want to be free to go and do as I please, where I please, whenever I please and finally fulfil my purpose and a person and craft my own personality, be myself, as I am and am supposed to be. Acting and writing on whims, going with every idea I come across if I chose too... I guess you get the picture. I’m sure all of you can relate to that. And I have to do it now, cause a lot is going on and everything’s at stake at the moment. If I don’t try now, I might never get another chance to when the year’s over. I managed to buy some time, but I have to move fast. I’m not physically dying or anything. It’s just that I’m not going to be able to sustain a life as a writer for much longer.
My apologies for this rather long and perhaps here and there kind of mysterious introduction, but I really hope you enjoy this blog and that I’ll hear from you. You might also want to check out my blog on hubpages. I’m trying to divide my work over the two blogs, posting poems and short stories on blogger and focusing on articles, meta-writing and entering forums on hubs. Happy readings!

All best wishes,

Stories Inc.
(P.S.: there might be some spelling errors, I typed this out rather quickly so I wanted be able to put it off or chicken out of writing this yet again. I’m also working on getting a new contact address for the blog and a Youtube account, but I tried four times and all four tries they got hacked immediately, so I’m going to need some more time. Bear with me, okay? Greetings.)
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