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Welcome to my blog, brought into existence because I believe in the power of stories. I hope you'll find a few things you like here. Let me know what you think and leave me any verdict, suggestion, challenge or request you want.

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Sorry, guys, this page is under construction so I took all of the older posts down. They were hell to edit in here, so instead of pasting the entire collection on this page, I'll publish each as a separate post and put categories (most likely age category or year in which they were written) with links to the posts here. That will allow you to comment on the separate poems, which makes me happy :). So there. I'll start squeezing in some of the older poems starting next week.

The produce of my youth, age category 14-17 (aka 'primeval times') sorted more or less chronologically

- The Gift's Curse, a typographic poem

- Fully Empty, a typographic poem

Age category: 19 (the produce of sophomore year in college)

- A captive's narrative; narrative poem about justice, vengeance and punishment (links to HubPages)

2011 (These are the most recent, which were already on the main page)

- In my eyes

- The ultimate ungraspable, an elegiac poem (I)
- The ultimate ungraspable, an elegiac poem (II)
- The ultimate ungraspable, an elegiac poem (III)
    - Phoenix

   - The Awakening of the Beast (neo-mythological, epic-apocalyptic poem)

   Crossbreeds (poetic fiction, or narrative poetry, or whatever in

   - The Great Evanescence, a poetic story (not the band)
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