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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The ultimate ungraspable (I) - elegiac poem

So it's a bright sunny day, still chilly, but you can feel spring in the air all around and that does something to people, especially after such a dreary winter. So what do you do on such a fine long-awaited spring day?

Write elegiac poems.


Because I'm twisted, that's why. Oh, that and the fact that I'm running a fever and going practically hallucinatory on pain killers, which could at least have something to do with it.

The ultimate ungraspable (I)

Too much, too soon
their ends met
and I lack soil
for my dead.
Spring lulls drowsy memories
washed ashore by time's tempest
a summer when all things green
sprung up in mutiny
and froze
drawing blood from July's unmarred face
skin-deep crimson waves retreating
revealed nothing but
a wasteland of barren branches
humming elegiac lullabies
I lay you down to sleep
yours shall be
forever autumn
in me


  1. You have returned!

    This poem...it makes me feel, uneasy, in a good way, haha. I think that was your intent.

    Very sensory, I love the line "drawing blood from July's unmarred face"

  2. Good to have you back. This is really a very emotional poem, and one that you should treasure.

  3. Not to worry, people, I AM alive, sick and busy, but alive and I've written enough poems these last 2days to keep up with posts for at least a couple weeks.

    I do have quite some work cut out for me: catching up with reading posts I've missed (sorry, guys, :S), updating the in-thread announcements I'm shamefully behind with, reworking the poetry page, getting over my fear of using public computers with people looking on (like now)...

    But I do hope to stay in touch with all of you on a more regular basis...
    And to make up for my long absence I'll post a bit more this week, including later today, once I get home.

    all best wishes,


  4. (note: going back over the post I noticed some irregularities got in when posting, letters that had vanished and the italicized bit that decided it liked being at the end better than the beginning, little rebel. I think I fixed everything now but if you notice any more mistakes, please let me know, thanks, ;))


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