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Saturday, 26 February 2011

In-thread writing competitions: update

Alright, I realize I'm shamefully late with this, but here's a quick summary of what's been going on with the in-thread writing competitions...So for those of you who were wondering, here's the update.

was won by Hannah, who also won the first edition, so that shows what a phenomenal writer she is.

as always to write a story of exactly 150 words, this time with these 5 target words: Lovely, Vocabulary, Brother, Preserve, Reflection

Hannah's entry

"It was open-casket. I wasn't sure why, my brother looked ghastly. Bloated, pale. Perhaps the mortician was proud of how well he had preserved the body. I suppose he'd done a good job, considering. The two weeks it had spent festering in the woods hadn't done it any favours. 

He looked different to how I remembered.

Still, I imagined that I could see accusation and betrayal in my brother's eyes. I lowered my gaze to the coffin, where I could see my reflection in the polished wood as it was lowered. I looked lovely. Lovelier than I had any right to look, given the circumstances. 

But his death had been ruled a suicide, much to my relief, and now I didn't have to share my inheritance with anyone. Who wouldn't be happy? I felt a smirk tugging at the corners of my mouth. I guess 'compassion' wasn't in my vocabulary."
And here is Hannah's rightful prize:

was won by Victoria P., who finished way ahead of nearly all of the competition with following submission.

write a 150 words story using these 5 words: riding, questionnaire, dictator, troop, penguin

Victoria's entry

"The room looked white and sterile, resembling a doctor’s office in all the wrong ways. The girl next to me was fidgeting nervously and frowning over a sheet of paper. Chill out, it’s not like your life is riding on the freaking job!
Ugh, the inevitable pre-interview questionnaire. I never understood what exactly they were hoping I’d answer to “Where do you see yourself in five years”
“I will have achieved the position of Global Dictator, following the creation of my troop of killer penguins by a team of paid geneticists. Having gained access to all of the Earth’s resources, I shall invest in a program to explore deep space and eventually start my Intergalactic Empire of Evil. And Cheese. This illustrates my superior leadership and communication skills.”
-         Miss Jenkins, Mr Barnes will see you now.
I stared at the blank sheet on my lap. One of these days…"
And here is is Victoria's well-deserved virtual trophy:

The 4th edition:
Alright, let's cut this short: I won, so I officially declare myself winner... Now I have something to tell my shrink about... *awkward*
You can read about the challenge and my entry to it - 'Mistaken Genius' - here.


  1. When/where is the 7th edition in-thread writing competition?

  2. Hi Taylor,

    beats me. I haven't seen any 7th edition, but I haven't been around in the forum a lot for the last couple weeks, so I may very well have missed it. And I haven't seen Hannah around either, so I can't ask her if it's already been or not...

    And the quest continues ;)


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