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Gallery No. 3

Hey guys,
how’s it going?
As a lot of you probably already know, fellow-blogger and –writer Diego has just started a new blog (of which I’m one of the curators, jeej) that is meant to show-case posts by a great number of bloggers, as a way to give a voice with greater resonance to those who are struggling to be heard, aka: allow them to post something on a site that has more traffic than their respective blogs. The concept is simple: everyone can submit to it, with the only requirement to follow the blog and the kind request to give some constructive feedback on some of the other posts. Interested?

Here’s some more information taken from the Gallery:

“What we are attempting here is to give a platform to creative voices and minds that perhaps do not yet have a platform of their own.  If you are a wordsmith or a painter, a sketcher or a flute player, a filmmaker or a poet, a photographer or a rapper, or any sort of artistic-type - we would like to showcase your work.  All that's asked in return is that you follow this space, take notice of the work on display, and present constructive feedback whenever possible.”

May all troubled (or not) creative souls flock in great numbers to this address... After all, we’re meant to stick together and help each other improve, no?

<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/a-GVRAfDE_c234d3381e63e53aabdf37080effdbf27.htm">LinkedTube</a>
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