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Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Plunge

I have some trouble coming up with a suitable teaser for this one that doesn’t give anything away, so just read it without one, please... Enjoy!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


What happens when a group of hikers go ghost-hunting despite the explicit warnings of the people in the nearest village to stay indoors and out of the woods when the sun goes down?

Sunday, 24 October 2010

If Only

If Only

The rain patters the windows. It just keeps pouring and pouring.
I look up from my book and sigh.
If only...
If only I were rich enough to buy a summer house somewhere warm, anywhere warm and go there as soon as the weather got cold. I’d never again have to make it through one more dreadful winter.
I look out. It’s so hideous. I don’t feel like setting one foot outdoors these days, and the house just can’t get hot enough.
Soon there won’t be a spot of green left on the trees. It will start freezing constantly. It will be slippery. The busses will be late, or rather later than usual, much later. I know how that goes. Last year I spent four hours waiting for one because there was a sudden snow storm. There I was in the blistering cold, the wind, my face all red... Horrible!
If only I could go somewhere tropical, just pack up my bags and leave, never looking back, never needing to, just being free.
A shrill voice snatches me away from my revelry. Dinner. It’s time to clean my cage.
I’m not nearly busy enough not to hear how the pattering gains force as hail starts to gush down from the sky. It beats the leaves off the bushes. I get the plates, the glasses, I can’t do it loud enough.
If only..

Saturday, 23 October 2010

His No More

Here’s another one of my favourite nice and twisted, enjoy! (Warning: contains coarse language and actions).
How are your views on the people in this story and their behaviour? Who’s right, who’s wrong? Nothing wrong with a tiny bit of controversy on this blog, right?

Thursday, 21 October 2010



The sirens are loud. It makes my head hurt. Turn them off, please...
I try, frantically, to lift my arm, but I seem to be strapped up. I can’t move, not an inch.
There’s pressure on my body, my chest, as if it’s about to break.
There’s a face above me. I can’t make out the features. It’s all far too hazy.
The ambulance drives down the streets and over every possible obstacle at full speed. It shakes my body violently from side to side.
My limbs bang against the sides of the slate, they try to hold me back but don’t always succeed as well. One of the men curses at the driver.
“Just be careful!”
There you have it. I wish I had been more careful.
I want to cry out that I’m cold, that I’m scared, that I want to go home, but the respiration device blocks the way.
I want to lift my head to see, but can’t. What’s going on? What’s going on?
My lips shape please, they don’t respond, can’t they hear me, can’t they see it?
All the world resorts to mutters as a man’s words wipe my pages blank and resonate in my head. I, Echo, hear them over and over again:
Time of death, 3.53 p.m.


Two youngsters are stranded in the wilderness, desperate to make their way back to the city.

House Rules

Chaotic as I am, I started posting stories first and will post the introductory last. In the meantime, here are the house rules, since I already ad those finished. So there you have it, house rules for this blog:
1)      Use whatever you like, but notify me of what you use, where and how you use it. If you publish something or enact my stories in some way, send me a link or reference. And most of all, mention where you got your material. A simple “taken from”, followed by the title of the blog and/or link to it will do perfectly.
2)      This rule is mostly a follow up of the previous rule: DON’T STEAL! Just because these stories are exercises, doesn’t mean they aren’t important to me, cause they are. I put a lot of effort and an enormous amount of energy into them, so please treat them (and me) respectfully.
3)      Limit comments to constructive ones. It’s okay if you don’t like what I write, everyone’s entitled to have their own opinion, but do help me get better and tell me why you don’t like it, what I should change or pay more attention to. Comments like: “man, this sucks!” don’t really benefit anybody.

I really hope you’ll enjoy the blog(s) and look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy reading!

(Note: texts are not suitable for -16 unless explicitly labelled so)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

5 A.M.

In for some mild horror? Enjoy!


What do you do when the creature you care about the most needs you to help her, but you can’t cry out because not a single soul would listen to you? What would you decide?

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