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Thursday, 21 October 2010

House Rules

Chaotic as I am, I started posting stories first and will post the introductory last. In the meantime, here are the house rules, since I already ad those finished. So there you have it, house rules for this blog:
1)      Use whatever you like, but notify me of what you use, where and how you use it. If you publish something or enact my stories in some way, send me a link or reference. And most of all, mention where you got your material. A simple “taken from”, followed by the title of the blog and/or link to it will do perfectly.
2)      This rule is mostly a follow up of the previous rule: DON’T STEAL! Just because these stories are exercises, doesn’t mean they aren’t important to me, cause they are. I put a lot of effort and an enormous amount of energy into them, so please treat them (and me) respectfully.
3)      Limit comments to constructive ones. It’s okay if you don’t like what I write, everyone’s entitled to have their own opinion, but do help me get better and tell me why you don’t like it, what I should change or pay more attention to. Comments like: “man, this sucks!” don’t really benefit anybody.

I really hope you’ll enjoy the blog(s) and look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy reading!

(Note: texts are not suitable for -16 unless explicitly labelled so)

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