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Happy readings!

List of Stories

This is a chronological list of every short story that I’ve posted so far on either blogger or hubs, along with a small teaser. This overview will make navigating through and searching for the stories easier. Happy readings!
(Btw, I got this idea from Diego Green’s site, so thanks Diego! Go check him out, he’s awesome)
Short Stories:
Mockingbirda father has his back against the wall trying to protect his little girl from abuse. In doing so, he is faced with a choice. How far would you go to protect the one you love? What would you decide?
5 a.m.(Mild horror) A man is stuck in his apartment by himself, as suddenly, in the middle of the night, all hell starts breaking loose.
LupineTwo youngsters are stranded in the woods, in the dark, trying to make their way back home to the city, unable to see where real threats lie.
AmbulanceShort snippet, impressionistic. It’s only half a page, some a real teaser would be kind of ridiculous...
If Onlyshort snippet, impressionistic, half a page. A story for those who just don’t like the winter and would like to spread their wings and fly to warmer regions with the birds of passage.
His No MoreA story about stalkers and villains and the divide between them on your solitary way home from a club late at night.
[“Hey, babe!” He says, all smug.
“Let go of me!”
“Now, now, baby, don’t be bitchy! Why don’t you be nice to me, huh?”]
The plungeI’m standing on the ledge. Wind shakes up my hair and puts tears in my eyes. The world below is quaking. Or maybe it’s just me shaking. A few people are out for a walk. One of them stops and watches me. Now his friends have stopped too. Must be a sight, some girl up on a bridge above the water, preparing to jump. They point. One even gets out his phone. It’s kind of funny though, despite the situation.[...]
Fog a story I haven’t managed to finish yet, but hope to soon. I might take it up in a novel I’m working on, or make it an episode from that novel.
Peter is a cheater“Don’t go.” He touches her arm slightly as she stops at the open door. Why won’t she look at him? She sighs. “I have to. It’s over.” He gasps and falls to his knees. “I’m sorry.” She breathes. She means it. He has no choice, it’s his own fault. All he gets to do, is watch her walk away. [...]
On the corner (Hubs) – minors are strongly advised not to read this one. I think you can guess the setting pretty much from the title: it’s set on the street corner, about a character doing what women do on street corners if they’re out to make a buck in a semi-legal way. I suppose that made you click the link, didn’t it? Don’t even have to give a real summary.
Humility (Hubs) – The sound of my footsteps in the hall. It’s so much louder when there’s no one there. Turning the lights off in so many vast and empty rooms, it gives such a sense of power. [...]
The Witch of Dreiden (Hubs) – She was never in a hurry, but always on the move. They’d see her darting across the streets of Dreiden. She does not linger and she never speaks. It made them wonder. Dressed in an ankle-long moss green gown. Never was she seen in anything else, come rain or shine. As if she stepped out of a long forgotten fairytale and is not aware. Her face hidden in the hood of a dim greyish cloak, held together with a pin in which those brave enough to go near her, mean to recognise the emblem of the Pagan Trinity. [...]
A Halloween Horror Special, short stories Beware I and Beware II (Hubs) – This is it.” He says, putting the map away in his back pocket. I look around. Seems like a normal forest. Dark. But it’s a forest. [...]
This is the complete two-parter, as opposed to the one-parter ‘Beware’ on this blog, which is actually Beware II.
Short Story Set (100 words), theme: restaurant, recurring element: (red) wine (Hubs) – I suppose the title pretty much speaks for itself. The first of the set is also featured on Scott’s blog as a guest submission, since his blog inspired the 100 word-cycles I  wrote.
Fairytale Parodies: 100 words poetic short stories (Hubs) – Short story parodies of the fairytales of Cinderella, Snow White and Little Red Cap, 100 words each and rhyming.
Doggy Bath Time: a tale of dogs and why we love them (Hubs) – Inspired by my dearly departed German Sheppard, in loving memory.
It’s cold. And pouring. We have to do it inside. Looking at each other, then him, casually strolling into our positions. We’re trying to corner him. […]
Series of 100 words short stories, theme: bullying - this one is probably self-explanatory as well.
Notebook: a tale of four brothers (part 1, part 2, part 3) – A fantasy story set in another world and the ties that bind four brothers across those worlds.
“Don’t!” “Oh, please, don’t be ridiculous, Michael.” “Yeah, it’s just a book, for God’s sakes.” [...]
Calypso - Calypso is the youngest child in a seafaring family.
She heard the rushing of the sea and the gentle splashing of the waves against the wooden boards of the ship. So melodic. Like a lullaby. In her imagination, she could clearly see the bow proudly cleaving through the water. The pressure of the rocking motion squeezed her stomach, but she was used to it. Unlike Dave and Tommy. Their father’s disapproving look stalked the pair of silhouettes hanging over the side. He shook his head. [...]
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