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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mistaken Genius - 150 words Writing Competition (fourth edition, host: Cayman)

Okay, writers of all lands, unite! Here are the submission guidelines for the fourth edition of the in-thread Blogger Coffee Shop writing competition (hosted by last winner, Caymantime), so get out your pens and notebooks and get creative!
You have to construct a story that incorporates all of the 5 words, and is exactly 150 words in length.
You will post your story as a reply to this thread. For the sake of clarity, you will italicize the entire 150 words, so that the stories are easy to spot as one scrolls through the thread, and you will bold the 5 random words in the story.
The winner is determined by how many 'Yes, this answer is helpful' votes she or he gets. Any 'No' answers will not be taken into account.
The competition ends a week from now, Wednesday, January 26th.
The winner of this competition will host next week's competition, and be declared winner on Stories Inc.'s blog, with their winning entry posted, as well as a link to their blog.

Your five randomly chosen words are:


To enter the competition, write a story that is in accord with above rules and post it as a reply here.
And this is my entry:
Mistaken Genius
He thrust his fingers deep into the slick and drew smudgy black outlines on the wall. His nimble fingers sloped the profile along the stone canvas. A little thicker on that spot, a little curvier there, as if he was possessed. Beautiful! It was brilliant, it was bold, it was provocative, it would blow them all away... Who in their right minds could see this and not become a believer in Art and his awakening genius?
He held his breath. Was someone coming to peer on his work? He would NOT exit his domain now, not even if Hell itself came for him.
“What the fuck did you do to my room, you little shit?!”
She pulled him upright by the ear and dragged him out into the hall.
“Don’t EVER pull a stunt like that again, you hear? MUM!!!!! Picasso’s been playing around with the motor oil again!”

Happy reading/writings, lots of inspiration and good luck to all of you,
Stories Inc.


  1. Stories, I'm growing very concerned. You have not posted anything to this blog in nearly a month!

  2. *puts sunglasses on, turns to the screen pointing and says in a deep voice: I'll be back!" ;)

    I was very busy, and drained, but I'm writing again. Between school and working at my novel, apparently nothing else 'came to me'... But I have a small supply of poems ready now, like you've already noticed, judging from your comment.

    Thanks for your concern, Diego, it's very much appreciated :)
    But if something serious (aka death) happens to me, you guys will know: when my uncle died and my grandpa had been rushed to hospital a while ago, I made my little sister memorise my blogger password just in case...
    Of couse, if she forgets... I'll check if she still knows it when I get home ;)


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