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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Writing Competition - And the winner is... (drum roll) 3rd edition

Hey guys!
As those of you who entered the in-thread contest probably already know, the third edition was won by the talented, the twisted, the downright mentally ill:
So go give him a great big shout-out on his blog or in the thread.
This was his winning entry:
Stories business had improved since helping Drachma with his "little problem".  She began to grind more meat, noticing an eye she'd missed.  She picked it out and threw it in the fire.  She'd found mixing it with pork best.  Best seller, as well.

Business had been declining since the supermarket moved in a year ago.  Butcher shops just couldn't compete with their pricing, unless butchers could offer something they couldn't.  Stories' "special" blend of ground pork was just the something they couldn't offer. 

When Drachma first proposed Stories help with his "disposal" problem, she didn't know if she could do it.   "How do I do it?" she thought.  "Where do I hide bodies?"  Well, she figured hiding bones was much easier than whole bodies.  And so much more profitable.
Looking at the blend, she had the urge to taste it.  Scooping with her finger, she brought it to her lips...
And this is Cayman’s well-deserved (virtual) competition trophy:
He did a great sketch of my daily life there, even though we’ve never met, amazing, isn’t he? Sausage, anyone? My treat.
For obvious reasons, I decided to award him another award, by popular consensus, I reckon:

Cayman will now host the fourth edition (how time flies) of the in-thread writing competition. I’ll give you the what and where asap.
In the future, there may be more extra awards, based on the general reactions of the public to a particular story.
All best wishes, everyone.
Stories Inc.

P.S.: sorry Cayman, no cash, but would you take a lifetime supply of meat products? I’ve got some fine recipes lying around, Cayman flavour. You do have to come collect them personally do. *grins in anticipation, rubs hands and sharpens knifes* Want me to give you my address? It’s just down the street, just follow the screaming.


  1. Stories, I came by to claim my awards but you weren't home. Luckily, I found them by the front door and just took them. You're the best! Thanks for the opportunity and the recognition...and the sausage! Tasty!

  2. Wait, you're already gone? Damn it, he got away...

    That's okay, I'll get you next time :P


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