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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

And the winner is...

So… sorry this post had so much delay, but here it is:
The winner of the 2nd edition of the Blogger Coffee Shop In-thread Writing Competition (hosted by last edition’s winner, Hannah) is... *drum roll*:
To go congratulate our talented new winner, go to her blog/her blog or the competition thread in the Blogger Forum.
Here is Nina’s much-sought-after incredibly sophisticated and exclusive award *LOLs over own joke, which is pathetic*, which she can put in her virtual trophy case:

Nina won with the following mind blowing entry:

Forget them" I said. Since I had already won the preliminary round, I knew i had the right stuff to win the art exhibition, despite what they said.  Words of jealousy and hatred, that's all they are.

They think I can't do it.  On the contrary, I am quite skilled.  In fact, since I was a child I could draw, paint and sculpt masterpieces.  I'll show them creativity, I'll show them what avant-garde really means.  I'll make them eat their words!

I've tried my pallet in blue, yellow and green but those just won't do.  Red, blood red, thats the color to show my passion.  Wait until they see the work a true artist creates when they give everything, even their last breath.

With blood as my pallet, my torn fingers as brushes, I will show them I've got what it takes to  create something exceptional; art worth dying for.

Nina , as the new winner, will now host the competition’s third edition. I’ll keep you informed about the challenge as soon as it comes in.
All best wishes,
Stories Inc.

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