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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Announcement: I got an award! (Well, a tiny one, but still...)

I got an award, I got an award! Fellow-hubber (as in: active on HubPages.com) Kirutaye in her New Year’s post, The Kirutaye Online Awards’, awarded me ‘One to Watch’. I’m so psyched... *wipes tears away and burst into an emotional speech that has too much stammering to be well-understood and is therefore better left omitted*
I guess I’m going to have to step up to the title now though. Well, after exams, that is.
Thanks to the universe and everybody in it.


  1. OMG!!!! YAY YOU!!! And I completely agree, you are one to watch! BIG HUGE HUGS AND CONGRATS!!!

  2. Also... we are still waiting for your entry into the in-thread contest. Get on it woman! :P

  3. Hi Nina, THANKS *_*

    And the entry is coming soon, right now I'm trying to save some brain activity for my exam today, I think that might be helpful :S

    I have a take home exam for a course I have yet to study for this weekend, but I'm sure I can take SOME time off to fabricate something :)

    That and that perhaps I enjoy the rare opportunity to have people sitting around waiting for me is holding it back :D

    See ya, Nina ;)


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