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Monday, 10 January 2011

Entry to second edition of the in-thread writing competition

I haven’t yet posted my entry to the second edition of the in-thread writing competition here (which is quite convenient, I seem to have a few time-management problems this exam period, so now I no longer have to worry about today’s post), therefore I will do it now, even though the contest is kind of already over... (See next post for more information and go congratulate Nina)
The challenge was to write a short story of exactly 150 words, containing the randomly chosen words preliminary, yellow, contrary, dying, draw, so here is my submission, which came in second by the way (hooray! :D):
The Babysitter
The atmosphere was tense, the pressure maddening. They eyed each other suspiciously, the predator and the prey. Sweat dripping down their faces...
This time, he’d show her good!
This time, she’d beat him bad!
It would be great, it would be contrary to all expectations and preliminary to all success, winner take all... This was The Long-awaited Battle! They braced themselves for the next move.
“Foot on yellow!” He bellowed smugly. She’d never pull that off...
“Dammit!” It felt like dying, but she made it! A primal savage cry of joy welled up from deep inside her.
Both dug their teeth into their lips, a hardened expression; this was it. It burned. Each muscle hurt, but give up? No, sir, they would NOT!
Their self-elected referee hopped closer on his plaster, calling out: “For God’s sakes, cut it out already, it’s a draw.”
Fool! There were no draws in Twister!
There will soon be a third edition, hosted by this edition’s winner and I’ll keep you updated on that as soon as it’s up.
All best wishes,
Stories Inc.
P.S.: the post with more info on the previous contest should be up today, I try to get it ready in between courses... Yes, it’s a disaster. Please forgive me for not being around as much the coming weeks. I’m also going to try to avoid the forum, because I know what’s good for me. Well, more because if I don’t spring into full action now, it will be utterly hopeless. *sigh L*


  1. Thanks a bunch for the instructions, can i start it anytime?
    So very sorry to hear about you grandfather, hoping that he has a speedy recovery!

  2. Hi Nina, sorry the post with the award isn't ready yet, it's been crazy.

    He's doing much better now, recovering nicely. Because he's had heart surgery a few years back, all of us get particularly jumpy when he needs even more surgery...

    And sure, go ahead and get it rolling ;)


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