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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Great Evanescence - a poetic story

Alright, I should be doing a post on the awards I got now – especially the ‘versatile Blogger’ one came with rules I haven’t followed yet – but I just finished this and simply can’t wait to hear other people’s thoughts on it... So, sorry, Taylor... What the heck, maybe there will just be two posts today.
When I started writing this, I was determined to write a story, but since I’m still switched on to poetry (that happens from time to time, the two alternate), I ended somewhere in between a story and a poem, which I suppose has a charm of its own. I think if I let this one simmer for a few years and rework it, it could be great. For now it just happened. Please let me know what you think in the comment section.

The Great Evanescence, a poetic story
Though I am old and from long bearing torn from mould,
it feels as though it were just yesterday
when a child I met young Mason Gray.
I was a boy, no more, and full of fright
until one day I lost my way
on a whimsical starry night.
I wandered through a moonlit street
for hours on end
until by chance I got to meet
a boy who’d be henceforth my friend.
There was no house in sight, no hunk of car
and I could see clearly a shimmer from afar
and ran towards it intoxicated
to where the strangest creature waited.
Beneath a lantern stood in ghostly light, all set aglow,
a boy whose face served but to show
the world had not yet killed its verve
and angels would still walk the earth.
I stumbled forward quite in awe
the creature stretched its well-shaped claw
and though his burning gaze revealed a fire mean,
smiled the sweetest smile I’d ever seen.
I like a moth drew ever nearer
for nothing to me ever dearer
then in that sacred flame to smoulder
and so my eyes turned even bolder.
His cheeks the softest crimson blush,
his lashes lush
his skin the purest peach and cream
his eyes as bright as in a dream
tainted by fever great
I met this fairy child of late
tolling a heart-shaped jojo in ennui
at an hour only demons roam free.
When the world was rather dim
this mystic child of light beckoned to come with him
and so I did and together we would knit
the wildest lore forevermore.
Games new and old we’d play
and from the village led astray
we roamed from meadow, bush to wood
where we would act out Robin Hood.
There we would, with sticks and rods,
take for models only gods,
split the forest and feign
to spear even the heavens in our reign.
Until morning bared its teeth
and bit away with pain and grief
at what was our youth
with roses underneath.
All at once the thorns sprung up and marred our face,
robbed us of our innocent grace
and our wondrous camp of clay
faced the stream, was washed away.
Like all things young and fair
my childhood friend dissolved, went up in night air
and left me forlorn in life’s grime
to swallow those sour grapes of time.
And now in death’s shade I stay,
worn from long decay
and as remedy to all that’s gone amiss
have nothing but to reminisce.

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