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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Phoenix - a poem


Parry me, bury me,
in lines of old
interred in fire,
let from the pyre,
my body evaporate
my name expire
that everything else might
eventually, take flight
on wings of gold.

Author's note: I wrote this poem last week, a day after the elegiac set and together with another, longer and pretty weird one that I'll post here soon. I'm not going to explain it, that would largely ruin everything. Hope you like it ;)

All the best,



  1. Stories, I just love the phoenix stories anyway, but you've certainly put a new spin on them. Well done.

  2. Thanks, Drachma :)

    I really like the Phoenix, in all its dimensions, whether it's a myth, story, symbol or image. I intend to make more use of it in the future.


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