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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shane Dawson gets a TV-show!


I'm just posting this video here as a sign of support. The person who made it, Shane Dawson, is a rising Youtube (and soon to be TV) star trying to make it big. I think all of us on Blogger can relate to that, especially the writers, ;). Anyway, I've been a loyal follower of Shane's Youtube channels for over a year now, he's one of the main reasons I joined Youtube which was a big step in preparing to join Blogger (another wink) and I think he's really talented with all things visual and I think he really deserves to finally get a proper reward for all his endeavours, so...

Oh, and I'd love (read: intend and will not take no for an answer) to do some projects with him sometime. He doesn't know that yet because I'm still working things out and haven't contacted him, but when I do, he better agree or I'm just going to stalk his ass. Really. (Shane, it's unlikely, but if you see this, be prepared, I'm not kidding.)

I'm putting this up because after three years of intensive Youtube acting and writing sketches and a bunch of other stuff, he's finally about to have his own TV-show. In order to convince a network to go along with it, he could use 'the power of the internet' for some convincing digits. Since he asked all of his followers to help and spread the word, I kinda just jumped on the bandwagon here;
I, for one, would love to see the show. So there.

Shane is someone I really admire - well, most of the time - and can sympathize with. Basically, we're going for the same things through different means and now he's about to achieve his goal, I'll be glad to do what I can to help.
I wish him all the best. And you guys too, of course. But once again, I wanted to do a brief introduction and started babbling on... Enjoy the spring, I think it went to my head already ;).

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