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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Question to be answered, a poem from my 18th

These are from my 18th year, when I just started college, which was one big disillusionment all-round, so that could be in there. There’s something easy about interpreting a former self: anything goes and no one questions youe authority, though you’re groping in the dark. I’m just guessing here, at the order I put the poems in, too. I found them in alphabetic order, grouped per year, so I don't exactly know when they were written within that year or which came before which.

Question to be answered
genius poet or idiot granted too much verve
shooting random arrows like a playful cupid
aimed at getting more pay than I deserve
gorging on minds in an awe-stricken crowd's mid
while foul-playing the game of "strike a nerve".

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