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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Macabre Affairs - 150 words story to the 6th in-thread writing competition

This is another in-thread competition entry that I hadn't posted yet. This one was for the 6th edition, which was finally won by Hannah, who gained her second in-thread victory smacking us all with her incredible skill. She's usually the first to enter too. Don't ask me how she does it, it is beyond me :D.

To read her entry, go to the thread or my post on it.

My entry was slightly inspired by watching the clips for Kanye West's 'Monster' and The Lonely Island featuring Nicki Minaj's 'The Creep' one too many times... That and a late fall-out of Robert Browning's macabre poem 'Porphyria's lover' (which was the google search that gave me the image below).

once again to write an entry of no more and no less than 150 words containing 5 target words (the ones in bold). For this edition the target words were:
lovely, vocabulary, brother, preserve, reflection.

my entry
"She looked lovely, no question, she did. She always had, as long as he remembered. He looked at his own reflection and shuddered, smoothing his greasy hair. It stuck to his skull, spiking up here and there. Beneath it a face chiselled by angels, but only with Parkinson’s.
She, however, a creature of marble and ocean shades. He carefully wrapped the form’s arm around him. It slid away listlessly. Even in death she would not have him. Her very beauty fled from him, no matter how he strived to preserve it. He brushed her cheeks with rouge, did her hair, clipped her nails, all to no avail. Her mouth turned more to a grimace every day, a taunt. Like the condemning gazes of the common people.
No one had but words of horror in their vocabulary for his relationship. Prejudice... So what if she was dead and he her brother?"

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