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Monday, 7 March 2011

The Awakening of the Beast, a neo-mythological epic-apocalyptic poem

This one is a bit difficult for me to categorize. None of the labels given really fits completely with what I have in mind. It's all at once and neither at the same time. Name it after whichever layer you prefer (I'll gladly take suggestions, feel like I forgot a few labels, labelling is a loathed part of internet writing, isn't it?).

This one was written at the same time as 'Phoenix' and finished minutes before. Guess that makes them twins, lol. Anyway, it was just a day after (possibly the same day, memories go hazy that quickly) the elegiac set, when I was still pretty sick and pumped up on stuff to get through classes. So yeah, again, I blame the pain killers. I suppose it is a bit weird.

For insiders (aka residents of The Coffee Shop), I could've called this poem 'an ode on the Rise of the Cult of Mass'. That would make him 'The Beast'. He doesn't visit here, so there's a pretty good chance he's never going to find out and I'll get away with it ;-).
Without further ado... (btw, the song was one of the inspirations. So were my much adored Romantics. And a bunch of other stuff, but I won't keep boring you with endless lists.)

The Awakening of the Beast

A magical cry
splits the tiresome sky
yonder, it howls with thunder
puts the wildest seas asunder
setting mighty Heavens aflame,
the ground from which it came
shall shake and quake.
The beast will reign, shed
smouldering ash and dust from its mane
under its unearthing paws the ground will crack
bring long-forgotten legend back
from what had turned drought
skeletons shall spring and sprout
- eyes wild, flesh tender -
deny their surrender
and wolves in awe and fright
from all around call forth the night.

Dark Werewolf Moon Image 31000 Images

Suggestions, feedback, criticism (esp. on what doesn't seem to work) and pointers will be very much appreciated.

PS: yes, I'm aware I may have 'overdone' it with all the monsters, but in the horror genre, I just have too many illustrations to choose from. It's a deformity...

From Stories with love ;)


  1. I have to say I always appreciate your darker, fantastical stuff. This one was especially primal. I am so out of touch with the Coffee Shop but thinking of Mass as the beast makes it so much better! Great work.

  2. Hi Diego,

    I'm glad, I love the darker side of things, but most others say something about 'institution' that I can't quite make out. Something 'mental'... lol

    And yes, it kinda fits, doesn't it? I think the second picture in particular has a certain resemblance to Mass that can't just be coincidental... Just saying. ;)

  3. wow its great. i also like/love the darker sides of things.

  4. Hi dead-girl, welcome and thanks for following. Glad you like my stuff ;). From what I've seen, you're not so bad yourself :D.

  5. I really like this, I love the dark edge it has to it. I also don't care that you have loads of monsters in it (yay for monsters!).
    Thanks for adding the video too, I can see how it was inspirational.

  6. Hi Nora,

    welcome and thanks for following ;)
    And monsters are fabulous... :)
    Hope you like the song, I could listen to it all day.


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