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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Writing Competition - And the winner is... (drum roll)

And the winner of the first Blogger Coffee Shop Writing Competition has been revealed:
Hannah wins, apart from all our awe and respect, this fabulous award, which she can show off in her virtual trophy case.

To see Hannah’s blog or to go and congratulate her yourself: www.scornfulprose.blogspot.com
This is her winning entry:

"I closed my eyes and thought hard. What could I do to remedy the situation? I didn’t want her to leave, of course I didn’t. But I couldn’t just let her wave her monopoly over my emotions right in my face, could I? I had to maintain some pride, some dignity. If only she hadn’t been such a bitch, such discipline wouldn’t have been necessary.
She could report me. I hadn’t thought about that. I’d be in a whole heap of trouble then. Shit.
Breathe, Hannah.
I didn’t think I could subject myself to that train of thought any longer without doubling over in panicked nausea, so I turned my mind to more pragmatic concerns. What now?
There was nothing else for it. I raised my weapon-wielding arm, and brought it down, hard. The crunch of bone, and the crimson spray on my face told me that it was done."

And I have to say the competition was great for this first edition (click to see the other fabulous entries) and will no doubt be greater still for the next edition, which will be hosted by our talented winner. Keep an eye on the forum for the challenge.

All best wishes,

Stories Inc.


  1. HI! Couldn't figure out how else to reply.. so here I am!

    I'd be glad to participate in the gallery 03 thing! Sounds cool.

  2. Hi Hannah, glad to hear it! I'll tell Diego, bet he'll be trilled too ;)

    You might find some extra info on the project here:


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