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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Haunted, a poem

I walk the street to the beat of a new low.
It was many mournful moons ago,
even so, I quite regret
all day long, can’t help to fret
wake at night and can’t forget.

I found this one scribbled in the margins of my course notes (to the date of 03/03/11), along with a bunch of other ones. I should keep some sort of inventory...

Daniel Powter - Bad Day:

Anouk - Michel

And a sudden flash of depression. I read something in the student paper before class that unexpectedly got to me and being stuck in class for a few hours without an escape, I had to write something - anything - to deal with it. I'd just heared above songs on the radio that day, they sort of filtered into the first line. So that's how this little things came to be...


  1. As usual, I really love your short, intense poetry.

  2. Thanks, Drachma. I do have a tendency to let rhyme lead me, which I need to work on. There's always a risk to resort to child's rhymes.

    As usual, I'm thankful you're here ;).
    And I have yet to reply to your previous comments, sorry abou that. I need to look up a few things about the witch of Dreiden first...


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