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Saturday, 28 May 2011

when love hurts, a poem

Author's note: Another one of my old poems, I'd say pre-17, maybe from my 18th, but I find that hard to believe. I really can't pinpoint the exact year for this one. And I didn't do drugs, but sometimes going through my older stuff makes me think I secretly did. Truth is I just go(/e)t carried away easily and went for the obvious. I'm cleaning out my virtual closet, so what the heck, I'm posting it anyway. It's there, I have to.

When love hurts
O treacherous heart,
so sweet,
so cruel,
torturing with desire.
Do not deceive my head,
do not betray my mind,
do not dare, to control,
do not force me to surrender.
Weakness, shall not overcome!


  1. Well done, I like it! Definitely easy to see it has been written by a teenager, but it's what makes it a heart-touching poem. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Marie,

    glad you like it. I'm afraid seeing it still makes my stomach a little queasy, but I better have the guts to put it out there ;). It is part of the heritage of the (hopefully better) writer I am today.

  3. We all start from scratch! You practice, you improve. These 1st lines are part of who you are now - don't feel bad about them. I'd like to see what I wrote 10 years ago, I think it might be funny, quite crazy I think!

  4. Stories, it seems to me that the queasiness that you describe is a bit like looking at yourself from the perspective of 10 years later, feeling some of the painful feelings all over again, without the protection of having lived longer. It makes me wonder what would have happened to my novel if it had initially been published when I first started it (1989). Just thinking.

  5. Marie and Drachma:

    yes, you're quite right. Still, it's a lot harder with the stuff I wrote in elementary school, I can't even bear to look at that. I'm happy it's in Dutch, so I have absolutely no obligation to post it, it should never see the light of day. I'm seriously considering asking my sister to burn it all after my death, so no one gets to see it, but I don't think I can.

    Drachma, I wonder if my work is even ready to BEGIN thinking of getting it published (I'm mainly thinking of the Svart-series, when I finally get around to finishing it), please tell me what you think, honestly? Do you think I should wait for a decade? I'm well-aware that my worst enemy at this point is my own impatience, so please pull me out of the clouds so I can get my feet back on the ground before I ruin everything :S.

    Glad you guys are here.

  6. Well, Stories, from what I've seen so far, I really think you've got something worth fighting for, but as I found out, publishers think differently from normal people. For when I had written the first part of my novel, I couldn't get anyone interested, so I went through a stagnation phase (not recommended). It was only after I had completed Part Two, and had gotten a pretty darn good start on Part Three that I found a publisher interested (they were looking at dollar signs (Euros)), so what I had was a legitimate business proposal, and they became interested.
    Now, this has nothing whatever to do with the good or bad qualities of my novel, but its salability. So, what I'm telling you is to keep working on your novel, and probably, as you near completion of it, either realize what you're up against, or get an agent to do that for you.
    And I honestly think it is well worth publishing.

  7. Thank you for your advice and your kind words, Drachma. I'm not very good with numbers or salability (with which I've been painfully confronted while job hunting lately).

    Frankly, I find getting an agent (are you supposed to wait one out, pluck them off the street while headed to their car and keep them locked up in the basement, cause seriously, that seems to be the only way to get hold of one) and getting published an increasingly frightening business. Luckily, I found Blogger. If nobody wants to publish, I can still have my work read here. Being read is the number one priority, and the only one when I find some decent way of sustaining myself well enough. I digress.

    I'm very happy everything worked out so well with you with the novel, eventually. I just hope I'll be as lucky ;).

    And I will fight and rework, I always will, cause honestly, I don't know how not to. That's part of being a writer, isn't, not having the sheer ability not to be :).
    Now I know at least one (or two) people in the world think it is worth publishing, that immediately put purpose to my hard work. Whenever things don't go my way, I can always comfort myself knowing that this place and everything/everyone on it will always survive. /sentimentality

    Naturally, if the Blogger Gods delete/block it again, I'm going to really pissed...
    *knock on wood*

    All that aside, I still think agents and editors were a biblical plague sent from hell to torment us poor writer folk. Of course they managed to keept it out of the bible, since, you know, they're editors...
    Anyway, thanks for the reply, Drachma :)


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