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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Announcement: impending (temporary) emigration

Hey guys!
A quick heads up: I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow. I'll be gone for a few weeks and though I normally should have internet access while I'm there (probably not the first few days though, we make a long road trip out of getting there), past experiences incline me not to get my hopes up so I'll schedule a few posts just in case. If I don't respond, you know why...

Hopefully, I can do a few 'on location' posts while I'm there.
Anyways, take care people.
I really hope I can stay in touch abroad or I'll be really pissed and walk all the way back home... No, I won't, but I'll say I will out loud, which is basically the same thing. Cu later ;).


  1. Have a safe trip! I hope you find all sorts of inspiration on your travels. Have a great time, and did I mention to be safe? Be safe.

  2. Aw, thanks Nina, that's so sweet!

    I'll most likely be safe; we've been mugged, driven off the road, been through bad storms, snowed in, got stuck, (did I mention mugged?) etc. etc. and survived. I'm sure we'll be fine ;).

    *hugs you right back*


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