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Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11 challenges

Hey everybody!

You thought this was a joke, but I really mean it... Confessions of a chocoholic.

Yes, this calls for lolcats... (Despite 9/11)

It’s 9/11 today and exactly ten years ago horrifying things have happened, but as some of you may know from the ‘about me’ page; it also happens to be my birthday. Yeah, I know, not a day for celebration, but I didn’t pick it.

Looking back at one year's worth of miles and ruined shoes...
Anyway, since I joined Blogger almost a year ago (October 19th), it’s time for some looking back at the road behind. I came here with one main goal: improve my skill so I could get something published before my next birthday (which is today) and as you may also know; I failed.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of things I did achieve in my time here. I met some great, interesting people here, some of which I’ve come to consider close friends, and amazing, inspired and inspiring inexhaustible fellow-writers who I’ve learned so much from and who’ve been here, backing me up all the way from the beginning. To these people (you know who you are ;) ) I’d love to say thanks, for always being there and being so kind to me, even though I’m a really lousy follower myself lately.

Thanks, you guys, and I really mean it. It means the world to me you're really there.
Also – despite my recent absentness – I don’t think I’ve ever written so many stories in my life before as I have in this one year and I’ve learned more from it than I ever imagined I would. Where I am now, is a very long way from where I was at the beginning. Most of all, I'm happy to have seen my most compelling wish granted in having found an audience for what I do and write, one I can reach, hear from and talk to. Despite not reaching my (ambitious) goal in starting with blogging, this year has brought more than I ever could have imagined. And, apart from that, I did publish all of the stories posted here, well, kinda, even though I did it myself. Bottom line is that they are being read, everyday, as opposed to taking up bits hidden away in my computer memory for no apparent reason. Feedback rules!

All in all, it isn't that bad.

With that said, I think it’s time for a new, official list of challenges to be set and this time, I intend to keep all of them, and go through with it in exactly one year, starting from this day.

So, before my next birthday I must:
1.       Finish (at least) one project
    (preferably the ‘mystery project’ that’s kept me away from Blogger for a whole month)

2.       Land a proper job
3.       Get my own place
4.     Have something published (or at least: found an agent willing to represent it for                  publication) officially
5.       Finally, FINALLY, finally: visit LONDON
(6)     Optional: Visit New York
Those are the main challenges I set for my ‘real’ life. Apart from that, I have a few sub-challenges more specifically for Blogger:
v  Finally set up the Fairytale Blog for kids I’ve been telling people about, but haven’t got around to yet (= to be continued...)
v  Do some way overdue remodelling, especially by reworking the poetry, stories and work in progress (= a work in progress) pages
v  Finish my unfinished work;
      I’ve posted a few stories and story cycles that have yet to be finished. Once I reworked the stories page, I’ll have a better idea of which still need an ending and I’ll have to bring myself to get around to it.

So that’s it folks, I’ve just compiled my very own ‘Sacred List’: time to set the clock...*

Is ticking...

* Progress reports will follow


  1. Failure is a harsh word for yourself. Perhaps you didn't get published, but I think what you gained (improved writing skill, improved output, confidence in your skill, etc.) was still extremely valuable.

    All the same, I'm glad you've created such ambitious goals for yourself for the coming year (Following through on a single project is something I really need to do as well...) and I wish you only the best of luck!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. If you want to get somewhere, you better reach as high as possible, given you're bound to strand halfway there, so I'm aming high with the goals. And I do realize that my time here has been very fruitful, and I'm glad for it :)

    I never really had a lot of issues with following through before I came here: I started a project, finished it (or once put it aside for later), then moved on to the next, but now it's pure chaos. Was it like that for you before you started blogging or did it start after (cause if it did, it's quite peculiar, must be a blogger thing).

    I wish you best of luck right back ;)

    And thanks!

  3. Happy belated b-day. I know it's a bust that it was on 9/11, but you still need to celebrate your life. None of this failure talk!


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