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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Kicking Pebbles (1)

WARNING: this cycle is not suitable for young readers due to language use and violence, so if you're a minor (under 18), please do not read these stories.

(Goal: test mood setting and compelling story-telling abilities, convey an atmosphere and portray characters tellingly)
Part I: The Invasion
They invaded on a Saturday, like a sudden bolt of thunder and lightning across a clear blue sky.
“Go, go, go.” A commander cried out and then soldiers kicked in the door and came blasting through the door with their big, loud automatic guns and forward rolled across the floor. People were dragged out over the ground onto their knees, hands behind their head and shot in their own background, on their own lawn in front of their shrieking children.
Pop, pop, pop and it was done. Nice and clean.
“Clear!” They’d yell. And move on to the next home. Like a tornado.
If I go to sleep and close my eyes, I can still hear, every night: the sound of gunfire and breaking glass, the yelling, the screaming.
They didn’t take out everyone, just the few, one residential area, to convey a message. They picked a neighbourhood with a lot of influential people that could have opposed the new regime. I guess my street was just unlucky.
My name is Alice Claremont, and this is my story.

Hey guys, I know I've been away for a long time, but I was working on a mystery project. And then I got a visit from the all-feared terror-inspiring, nerve-wrecking demon known as 'Writer's Block'. Hear it and shiver...
Anyway, I haven't written more than a few scraps and pieces of stories that were either no good or that I just couldn't finish.
I've been here so many times over the last month, starting posts, then deleting them again, starting replies to comments, that just weren't right. It's a frustrating business, but I hope you stick with me.
The night before yesterday night, I just started writing this, out of the blue. It's comprised of short parts like this one, each giving a progress report on the continuing invasion as seen by Alice. I think I might incorporate this in the Svart-story that some of you might remember, I just don't know how yet. I don't even know what it is exactly, let alone what the hell I'm supposed to do with it. Now it's just kind of there, and I had little say in the matter, like always...
Hope you like it. I plan to post the other bits separately, as soon as they sort of make sense.


  1. Well, I, for one, think your dreaded writers block has left the nest and took off for different lands...very well told...great picture painted...at least in my mind!

    Glad you are back!

  2. Hi Kim!

    Man, talk about a quick response... Are you going for the speed of light?

    I hope it didn't leave without saying goodbye, I'd like to take a shot at it with an automatic from the terrace as it flies off, to make sure it doesn't come back.

    But I'm working on a novel (I started it just before I came to Blogger, and now I'm working on it again, nice and cyclic). Thing is, I keep running into difficult parts I'm just not up for yet, which is frustrating. And being shut up in the house, isn't really helping creativity. Maybe if I get out more, I'll have more and better ideas, but up until Kicking Pebbles, whatever I could muster to write, has been unworthy of posting.

    I'm really glad you liked it so much (but perhaps it's just that YOU'RE very imaginative rather than MY having any real skill ;) ). With the other parts, I should have enough for the next couple of posts.

    Glad to be back, hopefully it'll last. I missed all of you terribly.

  3. I was afraid that you had drifted away entirely from the blogger world! Damn that dreaded block.

    I remember the Svart story and think this little scrap fits in perfectly with the feel of those chapters. Now keep on writing!

  4. Hi Diego,

    you know, for a while there, I was starting to think so too. Wouldn't you just love to fire a round at that block, just for relief's sake? But it has its purpose, I suppose, like a cocoon to a caterpillar.

    I'll certainly try to keep writing, but after having written an unusual amount already this year, I have to be carefully not to write off more (cathartically) than I get in. With some rest, some excitement, and some going around and getting out of the house, however, creativity should return.

    It sure is good to be back in action.


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