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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blogger Wonderland

Exactly one year ago, little Stories - isn't it wonderful how you can always patronise a (slightly) younger self? – inadvertently hopped into Blogger. There a little orange rabbit popped up. ‘Do you want to create a new blog?” The button-rabbit asked tentatively.

“Hey, what’s that?” Little Stories asked *self and clicked it. With a dizzying fall, the noob writer plummeted through the rabbit hole where (s)he beheld a world of miracles, where people from all over the world could converse and laugh together as if there was no distance between them, where the wonderful people and skilful fellow-writers were suddenly only a link away.

Stories ‘ooh’ed’ and ‘ah’ed’ through the year, pulling some leaves aside and surprised to find a jolly little coffee shop where people who never met sat together nipping delicious chatter. 'Booh!' Stories cried. 'What are you doing?' And then the new comer soon joined the regulars for thee.

There at that table, (s)he met the most interesting creatures, a boy with a gigantic hammer longing to smash something, a witch-doctor with a wicked pen, The Red Queen of Ranting, a high school girl writing by the sea side, a boy who spoke only one hundred words at a time, a multi-talented lady buttering toast, an active pilgrim on a path to enlightenment and enlightening others on the way, and many many others aside. Stories stumbled into a decorated Hall where the walls were full of marvels and – perhaps a bit too little lately – stood awed leafing through the tales that seemed to just rain from the heavens and fluttered down in the Blogger breeze.

And this, my dear absent friends, is the story of how Stories ended up in Wonderland. And never since did (s)he want to go home again.

Yes, people, today is this blog’s ANNIVERSARY. Woot, woot!

Hard to believe a whole year has gone by, it feels like just 6 months ago. The month long lapses could have something to do with that.

Either way, virtual cake and drinks on me!
Help yourselves to a drink and as we say in Dutch: 'Proost!'

Confessions of a chocoholic: I really want this cake. Badly...
Cin Cin!


  1. Congratulations! Yes I agree it's time to celebrate - I'll take a piece of cake and a glass of Champagne & will wish long life to this Blog!!!

  2. Hello Marie! How've you been?

    You're welcome to it,
    Cin cin ;)

  3. Oh, and what a year it's been! Some amazing things, and amazing people have wandered through these halls of mirrors.

  4. It's crazy how quickly time has gone by. It seems you only started a few weeks before I did. Congratulations on sticking it out, let's see if we can't make it another year. I think you were my very first blogger friend and I thank you for that. :)

    p.s. I'd highly recommend that you make a Google + account. It has become an excellent place to network with other artistic minds and it's where I find myself spending an increasingly larger chunk of my time ;)

  5. Hello you two, what's going on?

    yes, time really flew and it's been such an eventful year. I'm so glad I met all of you, I never really had that contact with fellow-writers before. I met some in real life, but it's nothing like that constructive relationbuilding that goes on in here.

    So when's your anniversary Diego? Make sure to have some chocolate cake :D.

    And I've been wondering where everybody went all of a sudden. Suppose there's no way around G+ anymore... What IS that exactly, btw?

    And I thank YOU for opening my eyes to the wonderful place Blogger can be for a writer. You, and you, Drachma and Marie just as much, really made me feel at home here.

    P.S.: love the imagery of 'halls of mirrors', Drachma ;)

  6. G+ is a social network. Similar to Facebook but, in my opinion, less invasive and less overwhelming and it seems more to promote an open environment for artistic sharing and collaborating.

    I send a link to your email.

  7. Hi Diego!

    Thanks for the info, I've been hearing that name flying around here and in TCS so often, it was all very mysterious.

    I tried to join, but apparently my browser is no longer supported (which is why I can't change my blog either). I need to update it first, but my computer just won't allow it...

    When you have one for nearly a decade, they almost get 'personalities' and think they have 'rights'. Right now mine is opting for retirement. In the bin...


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