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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Halloween Week!!!

Hooray, hooray, it's (almost) Halloween!

Convinced as I am that one day just isn't enough for this glorious event, there will be a full week (and a few days) devoted to my favourite part of the year (f*** Christmas).

I added a new 'Halloween Week' page that lists all of my own Halloween-ish posts (and will remain available till somewhere in the first week of November).
Basically, every post of this week will have to accord to the Halloween theme.

Feel free to join me with 'Halloween Week' and leave links to your own scary stuff in the comment section or in this forum thread. I'd like to read me some scary stories too, so if you've got some, help me find them ;).

After all, life's too short to do without a good scare...


  1. Whoo! Yay Halloween! I used to be involved in writing lots of horror flash fiction a few years ago...I don't know where it all went but maybe I'll get into the practice again.

  2. Please do :) I'll be very glad to read it.

    It's awfully quiet. I think I'll just have to go hunt down some horror this year after all. There isn't much of a response.


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